Two Types Of Marketing Campaigns Defined

Awareness and offer marketing campaigns types have similar goals, but use different methods

In the marketing sector, the two most common campaigns that are utilized by businesses are awareness and offer campaigns. While both methods are effective marketing campaigns that can generate foot traffic and sales for your business, they function differently and offer unique benefits.

What Are Offer Campaigns?

In the world of marketing, offers are often the key to driving foot traffic. Offer campaigns are marketing structures that utilize “offers” to generate traffic and sales from potential customers.

In simpler terms, offer campaigns give potential customers something of value to entice them to potentially convert and buy. Notable examples include free trials, coupons, consultations and product demos.

A common method of engaging in an offer campaign is through email. Many businesses make unique offers (including such things as coupons and free trials) to recipients through emails. While it can be at times robotic as it is generally set up as an automatic mechanism in reaction to partaking in the aforementioned offers, smart marketers have been able to go beyond the impersonal and offer true value and personalization. The best offer campaigns are relatable and rarely salesy.

What Are Awareness Campaigns?

An awareness campaign is basically a marketing plan attempting to raise awareness about an issue, brand or company. Awareness campaigns require basic resources and there’s a significant emphasis on visibility and audience.

Making a successful awareness campaign can be broken down into three simple steps:

1. Narrow Down An Audience

Awareness cannot be sustained or effectively achieved if you advertise to the wrong group of people. Identify who you want to market to and make sure your message resonates with that audience.

2. Build Your Visibility

This is all about getting your name out there. You can opt to offer free T-shirts, send out flyers and brochures, buy billboard ads in high trafficked areas or banner ads on websites that specifically target your audience. You can also attempt to create a viral video campaign. In order to drive foot traffic to your store or restaurant, you need to let people know that your business exists.

3. Make Smart Use Of Media

In the digital age, social media is key for any marketing campaign. Creating valuable posts that are geared towards your audience will ensure people recognize your brand and potentially make a purchase or utilize your company’s services. Also, don’t underestimate or overlook the power of more traditional forms of advertising such as print, television and radio.

Awareness and offer campaigns are both clever methods of building leads for your business. Both can work very well depending on your messaging and what you are offering your end user. Be sure to pick the method that you believe is right for your business to maximize your success.