7 Tips for Driving Foot Traffic To Stores

Driving foot traffic to stores using localstore marketing strategies

4. Reach Customers Near Your Competitors

Potential customers located near a competitor’s location have a higher likelihood of visiting the competition, due to impression frequency and convenience. When using targeted marketing technology such as LSMx, you can design campaigns with special offers specifically for this group of potential customers.

When marketing to customers around a competitor’s location, remember to keep your messaging positive. Highlight your successes rather than your competitor’s shortcomings. Consider offering this group of customers a higher value promotional code than you usually provide to convince them to try your location.

5. Capture Distracted Consumers

It’s no secret that today’s consumers are inundated with marketing messages. To cut through the clutter and capture their attention, keep these guidelines in mind:

· Keep your marketing headlines short and sweet – Capture attention at first glance. This is particularly important for digital marketing channels, which may not display your full headline if it is too long.

· Select an appealing image to include in your ads – If a picture is worth a thousand words, then images are a great way to communicate with your potential customers.

· Use multichannel marketing to reach potential customers through a variety of channels – Impression frequency matters. A potential customer may not respond to the first offer, but if they consistently see your name through multiple channels they have a higher likelihood of responding.

6. Focus on Convenience

Have you ever received a great offer from a retailer or restaurant, only to realize that the store’s location would require a special trip? Busy consumers want to receive offers from stores located in convenient areas. They also want to receive offers that can be redeemed quickly and easily, rather than requiring multiple steps.

You can improve your marketing response rate by targeting only those best potential customers nearest to your location, making it clear where you are located in your marketing materials by including a small map, and being accessible both online and offline for additional information and questions.

You can also improve your response rate by providing straight forward offers. Ask yourself, “would I want to go through the steps required to redeem this offer?” If it’s too time intensive or inconvenient, your customers won’t want to go through the steps either.

7. Don’t Overthink It

Local store marketing requires planning, but it doesn’t have to be time consuming or complicated. Take time now to define your marketing goals and a realistic cadence based on both your budget and time. Perhaps you want to run ongoing monthly digital marketing campaigns supplemented by quarterly direct mail campaigns, or maybe a biweekly email is a better fit for you.

No matter what you decide, don’t overcomplicate it. Identify tools and technology that can help you to simplify your marketing efforts, then set a calendar reminder to review your plan and progress periodically.

The Bottom Line

Local store marketing is one of the most effective methods for driving traffic to your store or restaurant. Today’s franchisees have more options at their disposal to market their store or restaurant than ever before. By leveraging technology to simplify the process, you can take control of your marketing efforts and drive real results. Test drive LSMx to understand where potential customers live around your location.