Local Store Marketing Questions

What kinds of businesses can use LSMx?

Today LSMx is the local store marketing tool for restaurants, retailers and service providers looking to reach more customers through targeted marketing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

How does LSMx make my marketing efforts more effective?

LSMx helps you focus your efforts only on the households which are likely to be your best potential customers. Additionally, LSMx shows you the area around your location(s) where you will achieve the best marketing results. This area is called your “drive-time trade area” and is determined by how far most customers are willing to drive to reach your location.

Customers today think in minutes, not miles. Your customer knows it takes him or her “5 minutes” to get to your location. He or she probably doesn’t know that your location is 3.24 miles away from his or her house.

Leveraging Buxton’s knowledge of average historical traffic volume and wait times, the road network and speed limits, your business type, and your potential customers, LSMx generates your drive time trade area.

Marketing to customers beyond the bounds of your drive time trade area will generally not be as successful as your efforts within its bounds.

How does LSMx know who and where my best potential customers are?

LSMx was created by Buxton, the leading customer analytics firm for more than 22 years. Buxton has analyzed the locations and customers of numerous restaurant and retail brands and concept types to create a proprietary methodology that builds a customer profile for your business, even if that concept doesn’t have any data. LSMx leverages this experience to identify the types of households most likely to be your best customers based on your brand, concept type, and location.

How do I start marketing in LSMx?

It’s easy to get started with LSMx! Visit mylsmx.com to create your profile, see your potential customer map and create your ads. It’s you marketing you.

Can I use LSMx with multiple locations?

Yes! Adding additional locations of the same brand to your account is easy! After you create an account you can add locations in your account profile.

Where does LSMx find events?

LSMx leverages online event data aggregated from millions of events at the local level, promoted by business owners, artists, event organizers, and more, with new events added daily.

How much I should spend on my marketing efforts?

Ultimately, you know your business better than anyone and LSMx gives you the ability to spend as little or as much as you would like on marketing efforts. With LSMx, you have the ability to optimize your marketing spend across multiple marketing channels, giving you the best opportunity to reach your customers by increasing awareness and response rates.

Billing FAQs

What payment methods do you offer?

We accept all major credit cards

Is my credit card information stored by LSMx?

Your credit card information is securely stored and transacted by Visa, Inc., and its relevant payment processing subsidiary.

How can I get help resolving a billing issue?

Please reach out to us here with your LSMx account email and a description of the billing issue you are experiencing

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