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It's incredibly easy.

Create targeted ads in minutes.

It's cost effective, and your ads are placed instantly.

LSMx makes it easy. See customers and send them ads in 3 steps.

1See & Select Customers
2Create & Send Ads
3Track Results

See customers and draw a circle to target them.

Create 5 types of custom ads and send them instantly.

Understand how your ads are performing in real-time.

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Red dot representing a customer

LSMx puts BIG data behind each little red dot.

Icon of House

Data on Millions of
U.S. Households

Icon for Household Data Characteristics

1000's of Household
Data Characteristics

Icon of person representing 100's of individual data characteristics

100's of Individual
Data Characteristics

Stack of money icon

Lifestyle, Behavior,
and Purchase Data

Each customer is matched specifically to your profile by Buxton's technology.

With more than 25 years of success in customer analytics across the Retail, Restaurant, Franchise, Healthcare, Public Sector, and Private Equity industries, Buxton is a clear leader in customer analytics. Buxton understands your sector better than anyone; they're retailers who started an industry based on science. You can trust that each red dot is one of your BEST potential customers.

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Over 3,500 companies work with Buxton to help grow their business. These are just a few.

Big Data

Why is LSMx different?LSMx knows everything about your customers.

WHO and WHERE your customers are.

LSMx has data on over 115 million households in the United States.

Who will buy your products.

Powered by Buxton's customer data, LSMx perfectly matches customers to your business.

How far your most VALUABLE customers will drive.

LSMx will create the right drive-time trade area for your specific location.

How many potential customers are near you.

You can count potential customers instantly from your mobile device.

See how you can start marketing in minutes.

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